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    Celebrating the !50th Anniversary of the American Civil War, the presentation demonstrates our love of history and quilting.  In period costumes, we begin to transport our audience back to the 1860’s.  The display of reproduction quilts and historical presentation continues to draw the audience in through ‘edutainment’ -- knowledge and fun.

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               Presentation objectives include:

                           Impact of quilting

                           Importance of quilts to the soldiers

                           Ladies’ organizations

                           Other uses of quilts

                           Historical timeline


        Connie, has quilted for over 40 years. She learned from her grandmother, plus many hours of classes and practice.

        Ken, currently a Civil War re-enactor after 35 years as a U.S. History and Government teacher, learned the quilt basics by cutting material for Connie when rotary cutters became available.  He started making reproduction Civil War quilts to keep him warm while camping.  As the “quilt guy” he has worked quilt shows from Florida to Maine, as a Professional Quilt Appraiser.

        Their RV lifestyle allows them to travel all over the U.S. visiting quilt guilds, shops, and shows.

        Tap into the “Civil War” couple’s revealing talks.  Contact them for further booking information.

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